Monday, November 24, 2008


For those of you none DOG LOVERS.....STOP reading this post NOW. Everyone else, please continue on.....

For a while now JW and I (by this I mean ME) have been debating over whether or not to get another dog. Ollie has been an only child for four years. He is absolutely, positively, without a doubt the most spoiled dog I have ever known. He does not share toys, food, our attention, or anything else for that matter!

To make him a more rounded dog (and ease the guilt I feel over leaving him alone for hours and hours at a time) I thought a sibling would be "sibling" I mean a fellow dog companion =) Two people at our church currently have for sale male Yorkie puppies(full breed, which is what Ollie was SUPPOSED to be). They are the absolute CUTEST things ever.

The pros of getting a puppy would be:

  1. Puppies are SOOOOO cute
  2. Ollie would have to share
  3. Ollie would not be so lonely during the day (we assume he is)
The cons would be:
  1. House training
  2. Puppies chew stuff up
  3. More $$$ for dog food/Vet/grooming
  4. Puppies are hyper
  5. We don't want to be known as "The DOG PEOPLE"....(you know those people...there is dog hair everywhere, it smells like dog when you walk in, and they let ALL of their dogs jump/climb all over you....I shudder at the thought)
To a non-dog-lover-thinker, looking at this list would answer this question for me, but still I am so torn. Ollie is (almost) perfectly trained to our lifestyle. He does not require much work on my part. A puppy would change EVERYTHING (on a side note....I would imagine this is how parents feel when they debate over having another child...hahaha).

What should we do? Should Ollie share the Christmas card picture this holiday season? -LW


Akyramoto said...

it really depends on how much time YOU have to devote to the puppy - Puppies are alot of work. Very important things to learn early in life.
two dogs would not constitute you as 'those dog people' lol, especially if they're all little dogs!

I think having a friend for your dog is a great idea - as long as it actually works out that way. Are you willing to give the dog up if it ends up not being a good 'match'?

tons of things to think about. but i think it really comes down to time & finances. Also I highly recommend adopting a puppy in my opinion. I hope you find what works for you :)
happy thanksgiving

Chandra said...

The comment up above pretty much stole my thoughts. Oh, and dog people equals 3 or more dogs. soooo you're almost there! :op Happy Thanksgiving, Ws!!

Karen Hopper said...

Well, don't know what to tell you. Ollie has been an only child for so long, who knows how he will respond. But whatever you decide, it will be right, that's just the nature of you two. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with blessings and goodness. Love ya.

tasha shoemake said...

Everyone is being so nice here in these comments!
First of all.....Ollie is ridiculously spoiled and has no concept at all of real life. I wonder if he even knows hes a DOG???
If people follow your blog at all...they already KNOW you are "those dog people" =) I know its only ONE dog, but really! There are more pictures and statements about him there than most people have about their actual human children.
I do feel that Ollie may be a bully big brother. Hes not going to give up his status as king of the house easily. He doesnt even like MEG!!! What does THAT tell you about him??? He has issues!! HaHa!
Im not voting....
But...GET THE REAL YORKIE! =) and maybe try to treat it like a "dog"..then Ollie wont feel that hes lost his place??? You think?

jessica prendez said...

You three are obviously a loving family regardless of the species. I of all people know how animals can make you forget they are not human. But most of all, you "parents" have made sound decisions in the past and the decision you make to add or not to add to your family I believe will be the right one for you! Do what you know in your heart is right for the three of you. True, Ollie is very spoiled but perhaps you can have a "sleep over" or play date before making your decision and see how it goes. Either way, Ollie may surprise us all.
irene prendez

Aseri's Blog said...

i dont care about all the other reasons of not getting a puppy... even if ollie whom is overly spoiled wont get the attention he is used to getting at least he wont be as unfriendly as before.And on the other hand Leah West your wanting another dog bad enough,that you should just get one...So i say just the new dog and we'll see what happens next.
~Aseri Tikolutu~

hernandezvips said...

OMG! ! this is the funniest blog post ever. . . "how spoiled is olliy" should be the title of your next post leah . . .and have a statistic chart made up. . .lol what percent of SJFC thinks olliy is a brat and what percent thinks he is sweet. . That should help you. But really Leah you should treat olliy like a dog, How will your kids feel when olliy gets the last word just because he is the older brother. . .lol woof woof this was funny. . Sonia

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