Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Cover for my Computer!

I am just pretty stoked about a new cover I just received in the mail yesterday. It is a nifty new Green Color for my MacBook Pro. It was a pretty sweet deal. Usually they are 50.00 in the Apple Store, however Bro Ron Carter of the First Church told me about the Brand's website Offer for only 24.97. So I ordered one! I'm pretty excited about the terrific savings and the cool color.

Just random thoughts on a grey Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthday spent with my Mom.

February 17th was my Mothers 53rd birthday. We had a great dinner at El Amigo Restaurant.  It was My mom, Mark, and I.  Leah has been sick the last few days and is still trying to get through it.  We had a great time at the Restaurant and finished it off at Baskin Robbins.   I wish my mom a Happy Birthday - and much love.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Things I Can Live Without:

  1. People who are critical of my husband - enough said.
  2. Fake people - if you don't like me, don't act like you do. You are really fooling no one but yourself.
  3. Cheap stuff - by this I mean cheap in quality not cheap in cost.
  4. Debbie-downers - people that always have something negative to say.
  5. Keeping up with the Jones' - The pressure to have what everyone else has or to have the latest and greatest. When is enough, enough?
  6. Onions - I have tried and tried to like no avail.
  7. Bad hair days - I believe I have already met my lifetime quota for this.
  8. Horrible Drivers - if you are afraid to drive, don't.
  9. People that do not have a weight problem - they really just make me sick. =)
  10. Camping in a tent - I believe I have met my lifetime quota for this as well.
  11. Text Message Abbreviations being used when you are not text messaging - 4COL DGTG THTS JMO. NBFAB!!!!!**
  12. Wearing glasses in the rain without an umbrella.
  13. Talking on the phone.

There you have it, 13 of my dislikes in honor of Friday the 13th. - LW

**(4COL- for crying out loud; DGTG - don't go there girlfriend; THTS - that's; JMO - just my opinion; NBFAB - not bad for a beginner).

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I love books. Always have, always will.

Nothing is more relaxing to me than to curl up on the couch with a good book. I read every night before I go to bed, until I can barely keep my eyes open. If I am reading a really good book, that I cannot wait to finish, I will bring it to work and read it on my lunch everyday until I am done.

My husband thinks I am a bookworm.

I agree.

I am an extremely fast reader, if (and only if) I find the book interesting. This past Tuesday I received a book in the mail after work (bought off of eBay for $3.99, I might add). By Wednesday morning 12:05am I was done with it.


Currently I have 19 books on my nightstand that I am wanting/needing to read.

Is that normal????

I must admit that many of them have been there for at least a year. Most are self help books. Though I know that I need to read them, I don't find them nearly as interesting as a novel or a biography.

But this year (as a New Year's resolution that I am just now adding to my list) I am going to read all 19 and FINALLY have a clean nightstand.

I have already started on two of them.

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