Friday, May 22, 2009

I Hope to Never Forget.....

...a few memories from my recent trip to NYC:
  • Kellee getting off of the subway and the doors shutting before the rest of us could join her. Oh, the look on her face when she turned around and realized we were not behind her. Moni mouthed "K - e - l - l -e - e", seemingly in slow motion as she waved goodbye....I am actually laughing again as I relive the moment.
  • The lady in Harlem going to the bathroom on the street. {note: she was NOT homeless, and it was NOT #1}
  • The couple on the NYC water taxi: Him - wearing Calvin Klein boxers {we saw it for ourselves} , Her - with the entire back of her dress stuck in her behind {how could she not feel it?}.
  • Moni making friends with people on the subway....and then leaving the rest of us stuck talking with them about a Tennis tournament {???} in Australia {???} - did I even get her story right?
  • Kim & Kellee getting soaked by a van, that hit a puddle, while walking down the street {I am not exaggerating in any way when I say "soaked"}.
  • Moni getting called out of the crowd by a street performer....enough said.
  • Me putting one of my boots in our shopping cart while trying on shoes, Moni taking the shopping cart, then when I finally find her {after walking around the store with one boot} it's gone, then having to retrace her steps to find it {praying that someone did not pick it up}.
  • The "sweet" taxi cab driver who dropped Moni and I off a BLOCK from our hotel at 1 o'clock in the morning!!!
  • The lady at Cirque de Soleil that assumed that Moni spoke Spanish.
  • The Tour guide Nazi - "Arrive alive".
  • The lady that refused to take a picture of Moni and Malia during INTERMISSION at Mary Poppins.....because "photography was not allowed during the performance".
  • The Elderly couple "getting to know each other really well" in the subway {a.k.a. - making out}.

A special "THANK YOU" to my dear friend Kellee that (by turning 40) made it possible for all of us to go!!! {I think she may kill me for that sentence}....hahaha

Happy Birthday Kellee! I love you!!!


P.S. I missed JW so much, that when I came home I promised not to take another girls trip for a very long time.....oh, and I missed Ollie too ;-)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on Sis Doria...

Check out who was on Outreach with the Blue Bomber this past Saturday.  In the Picture is Christian Johnson who is the Captain of Route 2, along with Sis Doria Cruz [ Espericueta ].  Not pictured is Sis Doria's Husband and kids.  They were there, but assisting with the Candy Rain.

Just Watch.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


So far this morning:
  1. I chose to hit snooze for another ten minutes, thus resulting in running late.
  2. I decided what to wear to work...a choice.
  3. I washed my face and brushed my teeth.....a choice.
  4. Took Ollie outside for his bathroom break.....a choice.
  5. I chose which route to take to work.
  6. Then I decided what to listen to as I drove.....a choice.
  7. I chose which space to park in when I arrived at work.
  8. I went to the cafeteria and chose what I would eat for breakfast.
  9. Then I chose to eat at my desk.
  10. And took the stairs instead of the elevator to get there.....a choice.
  11. I chose to check my email.
  12. Then chose not to go on facebook for another day.
  13. Sent out a few text messages.....a choice.
  14. I chose to respond to some emails.
  15. Decided to post on my blog... a choice.
  16. Chose to write about choices.
Every breathing moment of my day I am making choices. To sit, stand, walk, bend over, open, close, chew, call, pick up my phone, email, text, make a copy, run water, cook, clean, check my mail, feed Ollie, take out the garbage, lock my apartment, alarm my car, drive my car....etc.

Choices I made years ago, that I considered "little" or no big deal, still affect me to this day. They have shaped who I am, and will forever be a part of my life story.

If there is one thing that I hope to impart on the young ladies in my youth group, it would be:

The Power of Choice.

The choices you make everyday shape who you are, and will affect your life forever - good or bad. Always choose prayerfully & carefully, weighing out all of your options.

Every choice you make matters.

Even the little ones......especially the little ones.

"There is a choice you make in everything you do.
And you must always keep in mind, the choice you
make, makes you." ~ Unknown

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