Friday, September 11, 2009

Since You Asked.....

Ollie and Fifi are still far from being friends.

She loves him.

He tolerates her.

If she is not right next to him..... can find her with her toys.

Have a great weekend!



Rubie said...

You need to update your blog name to include Fifi now.
I have to see her in person, she is just so so cute!

Leah said...

Rubie - You need to come see her (if you did not leave church so early maybe you could come up and sneak a peek...hahaha)!!!!

We are working on changing our heading to include her. I would fear that people may think we are favoring Ollie (since nothing has been updated), but I think the million (not an exageration) pictures we have taken of her more then make up for it...hahaha


Karen Hopper said...

Fifi is adorable. I'm so glad she and Ollie are healthy after having Kellee and Beka as babysitters. lol

Amy said...

She's adorable, Leah! I'm sure Ollie will get used to her... :) so cute!


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